The importance of using architect services

If you want to set up a dream house for your beloved family, there will certainly be a lot of things to consider. Starting from how the shape and design of the house, the budget to be prepared, the shape and structure of the building to the details such as the process of supervision until the deadline of how long the House will be completed and so forth. The problem will always arise when first building a house and certainly need a solution and a definite answer.

Of course it won’t be a problem if you’ve got a lot of time, energy is also an adequate knowledge to work on it all yourself, which is so the problem is when you don’t have it all of course using the service architect is the best way out You can take, that’s the importance of using architect services.

As the name suggests, an architect is a person who has a special knowledge in designing a building architecture, equipped with adequate skills to develop workmanship ranging from the arrangement of budget to the finishing stage.

An architect has been in a provision with the following competitions that have been certified in the profession of the architect has graduated in:


  1. Architectural Drafting

An architect has been equipped with the ability to construct a draft building so as to have the beauty value as well as the technical requirements that aim for the preservation of the surrounding environment.

  1. Architectural knowledge

It has sufficient knowledge of the history and architectural theories consisting of art, technology and human sciences.

  1. Knowledge Art

Possess the skills and knowledge of the art and all influences related to the quality of the architecture design.

  1. City Planning and designing

Have both technical and nontechnical knowledge of the city planning and designing process.

  1. Relationship between man, building and environment

Understand the relationship between man and building and its environment. It also understands the importance of associating the spaces formed between humans, the building and the environment for human needs.

  1. Environmental Knowledge Support

Mastering the adequate knowledge of how to produce the appropriate design of environmental support.

  1. The role of Architects in society

Understanding about profession in architecture and its role in the community.

  1. Planning work Preparation

Fluent and familiar with methods of setting up plan planning programs for a project

  1. Understanding inter-disciplinary problems

Understanding structural problems, construction and Rekayasan concerned with the design of a residential or building

  1. Physical knowledge and building physics

Mastering the knowledge of physics, technology and building functions in order to understand the internal conditions and provide comfort and protection to the climate around the building.

  1. Penerapan Batasan Anggaran dan Peraturan Bangunan

Mastering the skills necessary to meet the requirements in terms of building construction in the range of fees and regulations.

  1. Knowledge of construction industry in planning

Understand the ins and outs of industry, rules and governance and planning related to the design method that makes a residential/building that is related to translating the concept of design into a comprehensive building

  1. Project Management Knowledge

Understand well the knowledge of project funding, management and control of development costs.

Of course not to be doubt, an architect certainly has a lot of knowledge on ways to create a building with respect to the aesthetics, art, municipal grammar as well as rules and other technical matters.

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As someone who wants to build or renovate a house, you certainly have a lot of desire and of course limitations. A good architect, before making a design they will invite you to discuss about the home project or what kind of space you want.  This time you take out all the ideas, the desires of the façade, the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen, the warehouse, the garage, anything including the budget you provide for your home development project.

Discussing is very important because a good architect will give you a realistic picture of how to bring together your desires, real conditions in the field with the budget you have. So this very early moment you have to be open, honest and realistic in many ways.

After listening to your vent and discussing what kind of home or space you want, the architect will create the design for you.  With expertise in designing buildings, architects will consider the aesthetic, cultural and social aspects of their design. They will also plan buildings as well as coordinate the construct of buildings.

This is what they can do because an architect holds a special education and experience license and passes the Architectural competency Standard Exam (SKA), meaning an architect is not a reckless person who can only design a house or space. They consider many things in designing, including in terms of aesthetics, technical requirements and the purpose of preserving the environment.

Your dream house before construction will be shown with the floor plan, interior design, façade appearance from top, side and 3D. The technological developments make the design provided by an architect very close to the real condition of the house to be built. So it will reduce the mistake of the impression between your wishes and the design of the architect.


Choosing Material

Choosing materials and combining materials turns out for most people is a big problem. Every ingredient/material in the market is based on the needs of the market either in aesthetic function as well as technical or building functions.


Supervising House Construction Until Completion

The design of residential/building designs is becoming increasingly controlled and well if it is supervised by continuous parts. Ideally, an architect will monitor every development of a home development/renovation. They will cooperate with the entire construction team to create a home according to the design that you have agreed to the image.

Architects have an important role in all aspects of home development projects ranging from design, construction supervision and every project completion procedure. You as a home owner can easily monitor any development of home development. The architect will provide documentation of each home development development according to the agreed timeline. The architect will also give an overview of the obstacles happening in the field.

By using the services of our architect is very easy in controlling the development in the work of the House.


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Arranging Cost Budgets

Often we hear people complaining of experiencing over budget while building or renovating a house. Have you ever asked them if they had the service of the architect?

An architect, after creating a home design, they will calculate the approximate cost that will be spent on creating a planned home. They will update the price of materials used and calculate the services used and predict when the project will be completed.

With their experience, we will avoid over-budget, unless we indeed do project development outside of planning.


More efficient space layout

Taking into consideration all aspects that the architect knows? Overall, the architect will carefully think about the extent of each space, where the window is located, how high the door is, how the inter-room relations and other details. Some architects also think of fengshui about each room in order to bring hockey for their owners.

This layout is especially useful for those of us who don’t have a narrow area to build a house. Architects will provide alternatives to the storage area so that the space becomes more spacious.


How much is a fee architect?

Last but not least is about fee architect. For design services alone is usually an architect pegged the price per meter of the size of a house. Design prices are very diverse ranging from Rp. 30,000 depending on the design services provided and the level of experience of the architect.

While design and building services are usually calculated based on the percentage of the physical value of the buildings listed in RAB. The architect’s service rate is at 3% s/d 7% of RAB. But many also offer prices ranging from Rp. 100.000,-per square meter. It is back again to the provided service features and level of architect experience.

If you are still unsure about the budget and the desired home design, you can contact us at the following link to be explained in more detail : Contact Us