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Design Architect House Villa Kostan Modern Best Choice


We have the principle, that anyone can use the services of the architect, namely architecture for all. For that our price is very competitive, for every client, from any circles can realize dream house with all the art and to Unikan design. “The mother of all art is architecture. Without our own architecture our culture will not have a soul “.


With our team of architects who are experienced in their field, you do not have to worry about the results you will be able to. You will judge for yourself, that the satisfaction you can, will exceed your expectations. Because good design comes from good people, and all the problems can be solved by Professional like us.


We are consulting company that already have high flying hours more than 10 years, and already engaged in the field of consultants and construction from upstream to downstream. So of course we know both the weakness and the advantages of each design that we plan and that will be built. Every inch we factor in, and “quality” is the direction of our goal.


A phrase says, “All the goodness we build will eventually build ourselves up”. With the high flying hours in the architecture service, and the totality of our services to consumers, we believe the customer satisfaction to us, is our inspiration to continue to benefit others. So you do not have to worry later in revising the image, because your satisfaction is also our satisfaction.


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Bali Mude Architect is the best professional architect consultant who provides the services of experienced architects for the workmanship of private building and commercial building such as design services architects, luxury villas or exlusive, residential or design Elite Housing, apartement design, hotel design, resort design, and others.

We also provide services for the service of architect house design living Bali Tropical style villa, service design modern minimalist house, classic home design, luxury homes, semi-detached house, exclusive house to luxury private villa design.

We also provide expert services architects for coverage of Indonesia area including architects in DKI Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Bandung, Makassar, Semarang, Palembang, Batam and serve consultations online in all regions in Indonesia and abroad.


All property, whether in the form of a private house or building used for commercial purposes is a long term investment and very large value. Without careful planning would just make a big loss and be a regret for life.

Bali Mude Architect is a division of design services Architects, construction services and architecture consultants who are experienced and very professional in producing the best works. We have a high commitment to provide satisfaction in our services.

Not only serving the upper middle class, we now also present to provide services building a cheap house that can be adjusted to your budget but still prioritize the good quality Bali Mude Architect is one of the services of architects in Bali That will manifest you to have a dream home according to your dreams. We are committed to always prioritize the wishes of each of our clients. Because our motto “customer satisfaction is our satisfaction”.

Bali Mude Architect has an expert team, no need to doubt the credibility of Bali Mude Architect because we are already experienced in various design services architects and contractors services for various circles. As a service architect in Bali, Bali Mude Architect has a team that is already skilled, whether in the design of architects or contractors services or some other aspects that are still closely related.

Bali Mude Architect has a special unit to determine the quality materials. Bali Mude Architect guarantees the process of design, construction until the finishing takes place smoothly as desired by the client. For us, the house is not just a place to shelter but the house is able to reflect the house owner even home can be used as a benchmark by others to see your character and achievements. Do you want to be seen only as a personal origin just so, just have a home that is so original and does not meet the aesthetic or you want to be seen as a very tasteful person visible from your home that is elegant, beautiful, fulfilling aesthetics and The comfort of a dwelling.

Design can be adjusted according to budget (on budget) if you have limited funds but still want to build then we can make a design that fits your budget, we will estimate the design that suits your budget, So as not to exceed what has been estimated. This method will help you if you want to do construction with a budget controlled so that there is no waste or excessive expenditure from your initial planning.

Customized design with your request. (On request) If you want to create a design to your liking, we will provide a design with maximum results, after the idea and concept that you have completed we create a floor plan, then it is given the cost for the developer. Design according to demand is the most suitable design for you who have vast land and want a maximum layout. As long as you don’t mind your budget, we’ll make the maximum design for you.

We use 3D technology to design buildings for Interior and exterior, we visualize the look of your building in a three-dimensional image (3D), so that you can get a shadow of what the shape and details of the building will look like and when there is an error/error/drawback in the three-dimensional image (3D), we will do it without you issuing additional costs, so that the error during development can be minimized precisely and accurately. Three-dimensional images (3D) can be used as a benchmark by contractors and interior design in carrying out development, so there is no misunderstanding among the client with the contractor and interior design, because all the details have been poured in a three-dimensional image (3D).

Our standard of service is very clear, starting from the initial procedures when ordering services of architects, design, calculation of costs for design, payment stages, submission of design results and what will be obtained by the client, what items are included and not and other Etc. We make an offer for the initial cost after you consult and before you enter the payment phase so that you get a clear illustration of the total cost you will spend and no fees that we have hidden (no extra Charge or hidden fees).

You can do an online consultation as well as a direct consultation at our office, you can come directly to our office to consult directly with us, at the moment the direct consultation can only be done for the area of Bali (Office of Bali Mude), But you can consult by phone line, via Facebook, send email, WhatsApp, Skype and others according to your request. So that you have high busyness or are abroad, you can save cost, effort and time. With online features available you can consult and discuss with us and we can send images and revise our work quickly.

We serve the demand of design from all over Indonesia for various types of building designs, our services include: design services of home architects, design services of luxury home architects, design services architect apartments, design services of residential architects, design services Architects Simple villa, design services architect luxury villa, design services architect Cottages, design services of hotel architects, design services of resort architects and so forth for the region in Indonesia such as services architects Jabodetabek, service architect Jakarta, services architect Bogor, services Architect Depok, Services architects Tangerang, services architect Bekasi, service architect Serpong, service architect Bandung, service architect Bali, service architect Surabaya, service architect Yogyakarta, service architect Semarang, service architect Malang, services Medan Architects, services of the architect Padang, services Architect Batam, service architect Pekanbaru, service architect Balikpapan, service architect Pontianak, service architect Lombok, service architect Mataram, service architect Makassar, service architect Jayapura, service architect Manado, service architect Minahasa, service architect Bengkulu, service architect Palembang to overseas


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Bali Mude is an architectural services company contractor services project equipment rental and supplier of materials with over 10 years of experience in Bali and several regions in East Java.


We serve clients from all over Indonesia


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